Are You Ready for the Plank Challenge?

Get Ready to Plank!


Why plank? In my opinion, it’s THE best exercise to strengthen the abdominals, lend support to the low back, receive low back pain, strengthen the core mobility system, flatten the stomach and curb the love handles (with variation to the plank) and help improve overall movement and balance. All without causing undue stress to the neck or back. 

You abdominal muscles are slow twitch fibers which respond best to a contraction being held. BUT, your muscle cells have enough energy to only perform for about  minute. So planking longer actually does less for you than good. As the stomach muscles weaken to fatigue and give way, the low back loses it’s support. When that happens, you have to rely on the low back to support the body. This can cause low back pain. So, if you’re advanced, bear with me and start from the beginning. 

To participate, you have to go to my FaceBook page for OneSource Wellness Coaching and “Like” it. I’ll post a new challenge each week and as we go along, they will get more complex and more challenging. 

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