I Can’t Afford to Eat Healthier

This is the biggest excuse I hear from folks trying to make changes in their nutrition. "Excuse." Yeeeees! I said it and I'm not going to take it … [Read more...]

Fall in love with RT

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Is YOUR Personal Trainer Qualified for You?

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What did I just read?

While scrolling FaceBook this morning, I came across someone's meme in reference to the entire year of 2015. It was, "Who else had a really terrible … [Read more...]

How Will You Emerge In The Spring?

What an odd thing to ask I suppose. Very often these days the positive things in life seem over-shadowed by the negative. We can never be too sure of … [Read more...]

Have you Resolved to Make Changes?

January 2, 2015. As I start out this blog post, I'm anxiously thinking, "I should have made that video I wanted to make." Why not? Indeed! Why didn't … [Read more...]

“The Year of_______”

Man that was a fast year. And, maybe I’m just crazy but it seems like the days are passing by more quickly as the year ends. First, I truly hope … [Read more...]

WYSIWYG and Your Health

In terms of health, your beauty is actually way deeper than just your skin. What you see is a good representation of what you get in relation to your … [Read more...]

Exercise and Cancer Recovery

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the U.S. and rapidly rising. This is greatly due to the role obesity, inactivity and poor nutrition … [Read more...]