Lose Weight, Tone Up & Have Fun with Functional Group Fitness Classes

If you want …

  • to lose weight & tone, but not sure how.
  • a personal trainer, but do not want to train alone.
  • to exercise, but you’re bored with the same old, same old.

This is for YOU!


What is Functional Group Training?

Functional Training has its roots in rehabilitation settings. Patients perform exercises related to lifestyle activities they did prior to needing rehabilitated. Machines target one main muscle group, but you have over 600 muscles in the body. In Functional Training, the format trains the body in 3 dimensions instead of using one dimensional weight machines or cardiovascular machines such as a treadmill. The purpose is to increase a person’s ability to perform lifestyle activities with greater ease and with less injury or fatigue.

What if my goal is to lose weight and tone?

That’s good! The training in classes involve resistance training to tone muscle as well as a high intensity short burst form of cardiovascular training. By doing this, the body’s metabolism increases and burns more calories per workout, which means more fat is lost!

Who are these classes for?

We will work with all fitness levels. Do not be intimidated if you are new to the workouts. You’ll learn as everyone else did in the beginning. The beauty of how the sessions are structured is that we can regress exercises to make them safer for you to perform and to learn. The only guide I have is that you are able to get to and up from the floor without assistance.

The training itself is designed for those wanting to lose excess body fat weight, increase energy levels, improve cardio performance, increase stamina and muscle endurance, get leaner, get tone, have more fun in their workout and look better. Because of the types of exercises, intensity is always easy to adjust based solely on your fitness level.

I’ve struggled myself before with weight gain due to injuries or lack of any exercise. I know how difficult it is. I will say this, once your mind is made up to make changes, then the only thing left to do is the work. And it’s fun. Hard – but fun. You will thank yourself for starting it instead of wishing a year from now that you did.

Is this like a Boot Camp?

No! You won’t have a group leader screaming at you to push yourself to fatigue doing exercises you can not do. What you will find, is a certified Personal Trainer guiding you to perform exercises correctly, including those times when you will be guided to a regression in form. You will also be encouraged to give your best in order to reach your goals. You’ll find a group ready to support you and willing to work along side you.