Monday Motivational for August 21, 2017

If you want to see magic happen in your world. Switch from wanting to change to making the decision to change. 

I’m excited about all the positive feedback and messages from last week’s “opposite week action” and becoming a badass. I’m inspired by your stories, and in some cases, rooting for you to take the right action which will change your world. And that brings us to this week.

A dear friend gave me a book to read from which this quote is derived. I want to finish reading it before recommending it. But it’s very clear. You can want change with all your being, but, until you decide to make a change, all that wanting will never amount to anything positive in your life. 

Making the decision to change gives that want energy. In fact, it’s that decision which will fuel you towards a change you desire. It creates the spark. The decision makes you want it even more. A simple decision to move forward will motivate you to finding and illuminating the way towards your desire. Trust me! Stop toying with the idea and decide once and for all to move out of the situation, spot or place you are right now. A way will present itself.


And look for the magic to begin unfolding.

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