Monday Motivational for September 11, 2017

Dare to follow your fantasies!

What do you think about that sets your heart free? Are you truly bound to the life you have decided on? Is it working for you – or against you?
When you’re staring at your computer at work, getting nothing done, or when you’re in that meeting and you just check out; where does your mind take you?

It might sound like I’m being unrealistic. Maybe I am. All I know is that life wasn’t meant to work your guts out and pay bills. What I do mean is, if your passion is to be a writer, and you’re good, then pursue that. If you manage a warehouse, but want to build furniture instead, you should do that.

I know everyone has fantasies about the lottery, running away and such. But, if you could be doing something in life which brings you joy, instead of kills your joy, isn’t it worth the try?

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