October Challenge: “The Walking Fred”


Old excuses are rising from the dead to drag you down with them!

This is the night YOU laced up your walking shoes and strapped on some courage to get out and get the job done!

Premier Date: 10/01/14
Rated EVERYONE: Engage the whole family. Recruit your friends or dig up some old ones! Get up – Get out and start walking!

Top 5 Benefits of The Walking Fred Challenge:

  1. Feel Better: 10,000 steps per day
  2. More Energy: By releasing endorphins
  3. Sleep Better: Aids in deeper sleep and a fuller night’s rest
  4. Reduce Stress: By reducing anxiety, increasing deep breathing
  5. Lose Weight: By burning additional calories


My name is Coach Fred, and I’m a certified Health and Wellness Coach, Personal and Group Trainer, Weight Loss Specialist, Zombie Loving and Bigfoot Believing Fred Como. Did you know it takes about 30 days to form a new habit and have it take hold in your life? Now you do.

Fall is the best time to get out and get walking. Let’s look at why.

  • Fall foliage is awesome!
  • Starting before letting holiday excuses stop you is smart thinking!
  • Cooler temperatures won’t make you want to stop
  • Leaf Peepers are cool people
  • Show your kids the importance of staying active
  • You might see Bigfoot
  • Warm Apple Cider Rules!

I could go on, but then you wouldn’t get out walking.

Here’s the rules:

Walk 10,000 steps per day in the month of WalkTober (that’s October on the regular calendar)

***You may NOT count steps walked at work, to work, from work, to the bathroom, or anywhere else. All your steps are in addition to what you normally walk in a day. (It’s roughly 2 miles per day or 8 laps around the high school track)

Do you have to walk all at once?
No – break it up if you must, but work towards increasing distance, then speed or intensity.

Can I run?
Sure, if you’d like that’s fine. Be sure you’re ready for more intensity or walk/run in spurts. You can also use the Elliptical machine or Stepper. Bikes won’t work nor will swimming or rowing or throwing a fit.

How do I measure 10,000 steps?
You can count in your head, or, do like I do and buy a cheap pedometer.

Do I win anything if I complete the challenge?
The respect of me and others and a new habit to be proud of!

Action Steps

  1. Download and Print The Walking_Fred_Rules_and_Tracking_Sheet Now
  2. Comment below by saying you’re up for the challenge and make the commitment
  3. Share this challenge with your network

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