One Week of Badassery!

As you recall…

We started the week out with a general call to badassery. You know, “If everything I’ve done so far, was wrong, then all I have to do, is the opposite, of what I would normally do!”

I’ll tell you about my week in a minute, but first, I wanted to share a brief conversation I had with a friend on my mailing list. I’ve known him for a couple years now, and as we exchanged emails about Monday’s Motivational, he said, “I’m just not the badass type.” My reply was, “Are you happy with being the doormat type? Because that’s not how you’re going to reach your goals nor is it a path to happiness.” 

And thank you to everyone who emailed me on this motivational. I think it had some of the most responses for an email I’ve sent. I appreciate your feedback. So, back to my story. I don’t want to give the impression that being a badass means you literally walk in and start banging people’s heads together. And you don’t have to go out and buy one of those chains that hook onto your belt loop and wallets. What I mean is this; If you know you’re good at what you do and you know you delivery quality in your work, don’t let anyone say or imply otherwise.

Knowing your worth means never having to defend it to anyone. If you’re in a job where you have to defend yourself against some slacker, it’s definitely time to find another one where you’re appreciated for your skills. Head down, focus on you, and let the cards fall on those who can’t produce. In opposite week, when you take on too much to cover for those who don’t produce, you simply say you have too much. If you have to take on another project, “You have to let me know which current work needs dropped to focus on a new assignment.” Opposite week baby!

So my week at a glance.

  • Instead of “coming back” to several tasks, I finished them.
  • Instead of waiting for a better time to shoot some practice video for a project, I made time.
  • Instead of researching a question, I asked someone their opinion and they’re investigating.
  • Instead of “doing work”, I made a task sheet and prioritized tasks.
  • Instead of working on projects, I assigned due dates for the most important.
  • Instead of learning how to write good, eye catching articles for a platform I’m unfamiliar with, I wrote and created content people can engage in while reading.
  • Instead of asking how your week went on Monday, I’m writing and asking today.
  • Oh! When I caught myself criticizing me, I first thought “Would I ever say that to a five year old?” And then I looked at where that thought came from. Last, I asked myself “Why hold that thought/criticism or what purpose does repeating it serve?” After answering these questions, I apologized to myself. Then I said, “It’s cool!” And we bro-hugged and drank a beer.
  • Instead of dreaming of an ideal life, I defined it, set goals and action plans, and set dates to accomplish sub-goals to reach the big goals. 
  • Drafted a new bucket list for myself as well. I had stopped dreaming all together thinking I couldn’t. Instead, I stopped thinking and just went to work.
You get the picture. So tell me about your week. Really. What normal behavior or action or habit of yours did you choose to change and re-direct in the opposite? Where did you see your victories? What did you learn about yourself? What excited you? 

It’s easy to get caught up in feeling sorry for ourselves, or like we lack power. I learned that this week for sure. If I want to reach my goals, it’s going to take so much more hustle and grind than I’ve been putting into it. But, it will definitely be worth the effort and journey.

YOU are worth every bit of happiness as the next person. You don’t have to step on others to get it. You have to define it, chart a course to reach it, put your head down and work towards it. Enjoying life along the way is integral. It can all balance if you let it.

Wishing the best for all of you my friends! Much love and have a great weekend!

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