The “Why” in Your Reason to Change

Most that come to be coached or trained towards greater wellness or health often arrive with very obscure goals. Perhaps they say, “I want to lose weight” or “I want to feel better”. “I want to get into shape” is another biggie. None of these are very strong goals in that they can not be measured, nor they do not have timelines attached. I’ll save goal setting and taking action for another time, but for now I really want to touch on something which not too many “changers” think about.

Motivation for change is often very relative to a person’s unique situation. They may be driven towards the pleasure of the goal, or take action by the discomfort or pain of the situation they have found themselves. Once making up their mind to make change they set out. Perhaps they do it “right” bringing in a solid goal, sound action plan and with support mechanisms in place. Perhaps they are really motivated and get off to a good start. It’s the point in their journey where excuses seep into their action plan and sabotage their efforts which makes a difference in moving forward or giving up.

While others may start off with a poor plan and no support, what is it that allows even these poorly prepared changers regroup and succeed? In my experience, the ones who succeed in reaching and maintaining their goals reach two decisions. First, the change, once obtained, becomes a part of their lifestyle. Second, the reason, or their “Why” was big. In fact, bigger than any excuse, negative influence, obstacle or challenge that would get in their way.

The most successful in achieving their goals have often become advocates of the new lifestyle they have created. They wish to share what they’ve learned. They want others to feel how great they feel. They want to share their story so that others may know they too can make these changes. In short – they have passion!

In the beginning of their journey is a decision to make a change. A change they have identified as necessary and have come to realize has more pros than cons – even though their comfort zones may just get blasted in the process. They own it. It’s not something they’ve been forced, guilted or shamed into doing.

An exercise I often use in coaching is to have my clients make a list of all the things they wish to change. I call them their “ideals”. It’s very simple, you can do this on a piece of paper until you run out of ideals. At the top of a page, write,

“My ideal__________would be__________.” And begin to fill in the blanks.

For example; My ideal body weight would be 185lbs.

My ideal body fat would be 11%

My ideal vehicle would be a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited in Bulldozer Yellow with a 4 inch lift and a BUNCH of groovy after market things attached!

Be specific, see it in your mind, visualize it daily, obsess on it and make it a desire. Is it at the center of your universe? Is it something which can drive you to action on those days you just want to be left alone to lay on the couch? Is it something you have so much passion for that even your next breathe doesn’t seem to hold as much importance? Is it a reason why you choose to keep on keeping on instead of finding an excuse to walk away? Winning is everything! Don’t let anyone tell you settling for anything less than what you want or what you deserve is okay because chances are they are not the ones willing to put themselves out there far enough to do the work you’ve committed to doing.

Find a reason this big and you will succeed. You won’t be talking about how things didn’t work out for you; you’ll be sharing your success and telling others how great it all was to work towards something you’ve wanted. The pain, the discomfort, the sacrifices in the end will not matter. They will be woven into the fabric of your victory!

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