What Coach Fred’s clients are saying …

I, like everybody else, struggled with weight loss when working at it alone. Working with Fred helped me establish focused goals that were achievable for me. We talked and developed what was unique to me and my lifestyle and choices. Fred always made room for adjustments to keep me on track and winning. After the first session, the idea that I don’t have to be perfect was of great relief. We found what I needed to work on to achieve what I thought good health would be for me. Fred doesn’t put pressure on you and try to “cookie cut” a program.

He brings you to discover what you feel is important to you, and doable to work on in your life. We found what fits and I was able to lose 25 pounds and avoid diabetes medication. The greatest value, aside from not having to take medicine, was that I can be healthier and not have to eat cardboard and drink water to lose weight. Also, I find it easier to keep at it. It doesn’t happen overnight and I’m in it for the long haul.

What I’ve realized about myself is that there is a skinnier and healthier person somewhere inside me. With the help that Fred has given me through coaching and support, I can get there. I would definitely recommend Fred as a coach to people. He is genuinely concerned about helping you. He cares about you and your health and really cares about the outcome of the coaching to help you become a healthier person and to feel good about yourself in the future.

R. W.

As far as my health was concerned, I was not successful on my own in trying to reach my goals. With a coach and trainer, I felt like I had to be accountable – someone was checking up and expected that I followed through on assignments and workouts. I personally needed the “pressure” of knowing that I had to check in with someone on a regular basis or keep my workout sessions.

An unexpected value from coaching and working with Fred was finding opportunities to view challenges from another perspective. When examining challenges, I was able to resist the idea I was going to fail due to a roadblock. Fred was helpful in guiding me toward finding my own answers to challenges I was facing and continue with forward momentum. In fact, I am currently training to run my first 5K. The training for the 5K, with resources made available to me through our coaching, I was able to find relief from the stress I have been experiencing.

I was definitely stuck in a rut. Coaching helped me to realize that we all have challenges, but it is your attitude in dealing with these challenges that make a difference and ultimately help you move forward. I would tell friends who may have trouble with follow through that hiring a coach is a good way to keep on track. You determine the pace in coaching and your sessions are based on your goals.

Fred is a well grounded positive person who has a way of seeing all sides of a challenge or issue. He’s skilled in helping people move to the next level. This is why I feel comfortable in recommending him as someone with the ability to take your health and your life to a new and rewarding level.

Connie D.

Fred does an amazing job of helping you: 1. find out what it is you want, 2. find out what is keeping you from getting there, and then, 3. letting you talk yourself into making changes so that you can get what you wanted in the first place. He is very non-judgmental, has great listening skills, and is very well organized. He often forces you into introspection and asks questions that seem at first, almost frustrating, but in the end, makes you come to realizations about yourself that you probably never would have made on your own.

Tim H.

At first, it was very foreign for me to hire a coach. I was a very “I’ll do it myself” kind of person. So, I settled for what I did achieve, which was short of my intended goals and short of my potential. I needed to make changes. “I” needed help with overcoming my biggest obstacle – me.

Working with Fred as my trainer I came to realize;

  1. I can accomplish what I most wanted, and that I deserved better.
  2. Fred was on my side and would help me, encourage me, and expose me to things I needed to correct within myself so I could get out of my own way to achieving the things I wanted in life.
  3. Goal setting and coaching isn’t as intimidating as it sounds. It’s a rewarding relationship that brings out the best in me.
  4. The training I was doing was time consuming and ineffective.

Fred helped me find a way that was quicker, more effective and fun!

Working with Fred is a must if you want to change the circumstances in your life, and want a more rewarding and healthier life for you and your family.

Bill H.

When I began exercising I wanted to get the most out of the gym. I also knew I needed a partner to encourage me to “keep up the good work.” Surprisingly, exercising was not something I wanted to make time for. However, I had reached the point in my life that I was weaker than I had ever been, and I knew it was time to get strong and healthy. I have a 9 year old I want to be healthy for. I knew I could best accomplish all this with a trainer. Fred taught me how to properly use the equipment and provided me with a personal fitness program based on my goals. Working with Fred has been key to going forward to each plateau in my training. When I’m working alone and feel like giving up I think of Fred telling me to push on.

I realize that most people don’t know what they are doing when it comes to exercising. It makes me feel good to know I made the decision to hire a trainer and learn the right way. Fred is a positive fun person who genuinely wants the best for you. We have fun working out, sometimes I laugh so much I cant believe I put this off for so long. Fred has a lot of education and experience that made me choose him to help me be healthy and set a better example for my daughter.

Melissa W.

I was overwhelmed by the big picture of what I wanted to change. Fred helped me create a manageable set of realistic goals, that not only helped in achieving my success, but lowered my frustration, reduced unreal expectations of myself, and led me to succeed without the pains of going it on my own. He’s tremendously encouraging, supporting, and nurturing. He helps me take things to the next level by challenging me, but without intimidating me.

Kathy H.

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